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Financial stability

אוחנה גרופ – התחדשות עירונית מקבוצת איסתא נכסים

Ohana Group, of Issta Assets, has been constructing and developing real
estate urban regeneration projects for more than 20 years. Its main
operations today are in key cities in Israel, as part of urban regeneration
projects. Our projects are characterized by attention to quality, detail and
design, to provide each project the uniqueness of a boutique project that is
enjoyable to live in.

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The fact that our company focuses on urban regeneration together with the
fact that we invest many resources in recruiting top-class, professional, kind
and goal-oriented personnel – is a winning combination. That is our expertise!


The Group was founded in 1965. Over the years, the Company has gained
plenty experience in development and construction, and we have led the
construction of dozens of projects nationwide. In the last 20 years, since
urban regeneration entered our industry, our Company has been one of its
pioneers and leaders.

Financial robustness

Ohana Group is the urban regeneration branch of Issta Assets, a subsidiary of
Issta Lines, a public company listed on the TASE at a value of NIS 1.5 billion.
This fact is an enormous advantage and provides us with strong, stable and
secure backing.

Urban regeneration
by Issta Assets

The Company focuses on urban regeneration projects in sought-after areas and constructs in the highest standards.

1. Preliminary meeting and feasibility study

a meeting is held with the tenants and Company representatives to check the tenants’ wishes and cooperation that will guide the process. Then we conduct various checks with municipal entities and representatives to review the possibility of implementing the process.

2. Forming an apartment owners’ association

Forming an apartment owners’ association and electing representatives - the association is formed while appointing advisors and professionals on its behalf, including attorneys.

3. Negotiations with the developer

Negotiations with the developer and presentation of the project - at this stage, the developer is chosen and then the commercial terms and conditions are discussed.

4. Signing agreements with the tenants

Signing agreements with the tenants and reporting to the authorities - once the required majority of tenants have signed, we start promoting the process with the authorities.

5. Obtaining permits, building the project

Obtaining permits, building the project and handing over the new apartments - the work naturally begins by demolishing the old building, continues with the construction of the project and ends with occupancy of the tenants in their new homes. Congratulations!